Style & Strategy // Motion Design Mastery

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Style & Strategy // Motion Design Mastery

Carey Smith
28 ratings

(Ep.007 in the Division05 design series! )

You want to make cooler stuff. You've drunk deeply of software tutorials and your technical wizardry is the stuff of legend. But the design skills are lagging, and you know that's where the real action is. Time to level it up!

We'll take on 2 COMPLETE PROFESSIONAL MOTION DESIGN PROJECTS, and execute dope styleframes and storyboards for each, using a variety of strategies for making cooler imagery. It's the entire step-by-step process from brief to final images. 4hrs of deep design training, composition, ideation, storytelling, and the high-level skills you need to start crafting incredibly compelling work like the rockstar you are.

We're pulling back the curtain on real world design:

The practical
// How to make great work starting from the blank page
// How to figure out what clients really want/need
// How to more effectively convey your visual ideas
// How to come up with BETTER ideas, FASTER
// What to do when the design murderbots come for you
// Using basic storytelling to enhance your work

The creative

// Working across “styles” while maintaining your voice
// How to invest your own vision into each project
// Using better composition strategies to solve problems
// How to build up your own mental visual library
// How to add more value to the work that you make
// How to keep moving forward when you get stuck
// Taking control of the power of denotation and connotation

+ Plenty more. It's 4 hours non-stop. I mean, there's a couple of bathroom breaks so you don't wet yourself, but this thing means business! 

Part I (Project 1)

The Setup
The Brief
The Build
Story Structure
Style vs Voice
Additive Design
Refining Goals
Time Management
Compositional Problem-solving

Part II (Project 2)

The Brief
Developing Voice
Visual Libraries
Showing vs Telling
Reductive Design
Type 101

Part III (Project 2)

Denotation & Connotation

Stream it, or download it. 

This is where it happens for you. This is where you start truly levelling-up.

I want this!
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