Snapdragon // The Complete Motion Graphics Project

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A huge installment in the Division05 series!

This comprehensive video series is a highly illustrated, in-depth look at the entire creative process of a real-world motion graphics project for a large client. I'll show you the dirty guts of visual storytelling, branding, design, you name it, all while putting together a rad standalone piece. This is not a tutorial on technique, but project files (AE CS6+ & C4D R15+) are included if you're curious or just looking to make a terrible mess.

This thing is a hoard of goodness!

-3 hours, packed into 3 parts

-The power to kill with your mind

-A wealth of high-level topics covered:

  The Brief
  Ideation and storyboarding
  Internal Logic
  Refining Goals
  Visual Signifiers
  VFX vs Motion Graphics
  Working Strategies
  Discovery Through Making
  Remixing & Rethinking
  Adding Value
  Visual Metaphor
  Storytelling & Story Structure
  Going Further
  + Plenty more. It's a solid 3 hours long. I mean, come on!

This is where it happens for you. This is where you start truly levelling-up.

*Russian captioning now available (Русский язык)

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Snapdragon // The Complete Motion Graphics Project

27 ratings
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